Saturday, April 30, 2011

Preparation and Flexibility...

Even though I wasn't quite ready to go grocery shopping, I made my list, got my recipes and coupons ready and went shopping on Friday for next weeks' meals. I was so excited that I was prepared ahead of time since I knew that next week is going to be a SUPER busy week in our house. After I went shopping on Friday, I came home and threw the ingredients into the crock pot for Chili and then went to pick my boys up from school. Little did I know how thankful I would be that I prepared dinner ahead of time. After getting my boys at school, we went to Target and on the way home our van decided it was done and at a stop sign decided not to go any further. After waiting on a tow truck to take the van to a repair shop and my husband coming to get us, I was thankful I did not have to go home and prepare dinner. We just threw some shredded cheese and sour cream on top of the bowls of chili and served it with some nacho chips and fruit on the side.

Today, Saturday, flexibility came into play. We thought we were going to have a date night and the kids would have subs with the "big boy sitters" for their dinner so I did not have anything prepped for dinner. A family emergency changed our plans so we all stayed home and ended up eating sandwiches, chips and dip and fruit for dinner; followed by ice cream with bananas for dessert.

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