Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lucky for Leftovers

I don't know if it was the kids having Good Friday off from school or the Easter holiday and stores being closed and sales were on different schedules at my grocery store but something got me off schedule. I did not get a chance to sit down and plan a weekly meal schedule and plan a big grocery shopping trip for this week.
I am singing the praises of leftovers and ways to use them to create a whole new meal with what you already have in your fridge and pantry.

  • Sunday: We came home from our family's Easter lunch tired and stuffed so we really didn't cook a dinner. It was cereal or soup for dinner that night.
  • Monday: I used the leftover chicken from Saturday's Foil Baked Chicken and any spare veggies I had in the fridge to make Chicken Fried Rice and it was delicious (recipe to follow in another post).
  • Tuesday: I am using leftover ham from Easter lunch to make a Ham Rotini dish (recipe to follow in another post).
  • Wednesday: It will be my boys and I on our own for dinner and we need something quick before soccer and football practice so we are having frozen pizza and a salad.
  • Thursday: Breakfast casserole, biscuits and fruit (recipe to follow in another post)
All of these things were put together with things already in my fridge and pantry. I have just had to pick up milk, eggs, fresh fruit and sandwich stuff to make school lunches this week.

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