Saturday, April 9, 2011

The idea for a new blog...

In the past, 5 pm was a horrible time at my house. When my boys were little, I was just in survival mode and not very organized so I would always wonder what to make for dinner each night. Then I decided to get organized and make a weekly menu. Having a weekly menu has helped out in so many ways around our house.
  1. Less stress and worrying each afternoon about what to make for dinner.
  2. Less going out to eat so we save money and eat healthier dinners at home.
  3. Less going back and forth to the grocery store since I shop once a week (with the exception of maybe picking up more milk or fresh produce during the week)
  4. Less questions from my boys since they can just look at the menu board and know what to expect each night for dinner.
In my blog, I plan to post each weeks menus and information about them such as; recipes, pictures, ways to save and websites I get ideas from for my meals and savings.

Here is a picture of this weeks' menus. You can see it on my fridge along side our very full monthly calendar, birthday invitations, sports schedules and magnetic to do and shopping lists.

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