Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chicken Fried Rice

I used to think fried rice was a hard dish to make and always left it for my husband to cook. One day, I pulled out a cook book and followed the directions to make fried rice and realized how easy it is and now I don't need a cook book.
The great thing about fried rice is that you can use any type of meat that you have on hand (leftovers are great because you just need a small amount) or you can make a vegetable fried rice and use whatever bits of veggies you have on hand in your fridge. One thing to remember is that you need cold rice for fried rice. If we know that we are making fried rice for dinner, we will cook rice in the morning and allow it to cool all day. I like to use Mahatma Jasmine rice because it is so flavorful and it is easy to prepare ahead of time in the microwave.

Use a nonstick pan on a high temperature and saute the meat in a small amount of vegetable or peanut oil, then remove and set aside. Then, scramble a couple of eggs in the pan with some soy sauce and this is when I like to throw in onions and/or scallions. Remove the egg scramble and set aside. Then add a little more oil to the pan and fry your veggies and more soy sauce until at desired tenderness. Add rice to the hot pan and separate tossing and turning so that each grain is coated with oil; then begin adding back the meat and egg mixture. You may want to add a little more soy sauce, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes or any other desired seasonings.

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