Monday, June 13, 2011

Homemade eggrolls

I have been making homemade eggrolls for a long time and I don't really have a recipe anymore. They are pretty easy; just time consuming because it takes a while to fry them all.
I use browned ground turkey, cole slaw mix and lots of different spices and sauces for my filling.

I place the browned turkey meat in a large bowl with the bagged cole slaw mix and added any of the following spices and sauces to taste.
  • Lite soy sauce
  • Ginger
  • Sriracha
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Any type of stir fry sauce (I like House of Tsang Szechauan Spicy Stir Fry Sauce)
  • Ponzu sauce
I find that after frying the eggrolls the flavor seem to blanch out a little so don't worry if you taste your mixture and think it seems a little spicy.
I use the eggroll wrappers that you can find in the produce section. I find that less is more when filling the wrappers because if you try to add too much and make them "fat" that the wrapper tends to tear and then the filling leaks out when fried.

I roll the eggrolls on a floured surface like a cutting board or baking sheet so they won't stick. Place a small amount of the mixture on the wrapper and fold up the bottom point and then tuck each end in and roll up and toward the opposite side. I keep a small bowl of water by the floured pan to moisten the flap as I seal the eggroll; making sure to have a good seal so none of the filling comes out in the fryer.

Fry the eggrolls in vegetable oil until golden brown and crispy. Serve with duck sauce and hot mustard. Here are some pics of the finished product.

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