Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shopping my pantry/fridge

Some of my new year's resolutions for my household are to get organized and save money. So some of the ways I plan to do achieve those goals are to continue to plan my weekly meals and "shop" my pantry, fridge and freezer BEFORE shopping the store. (and of course when I shop the store I will continue to pair my coupons with sales for added savings)

That said, this weeks' meals were planned by adding fresh ingredients to items already on hand.

  • Monday: Zatarain's red beans and rice and cornbread in the pantry and spinach from the freezer that I added fresh garlic and spices to make it a little more tasty. 
  • Tuesday: French toast with bread we had on hand after buying too much BOGO free bread last week.
  • Wednesday: All the ingredients on hand for tacos or nachos; just had to buy some ground turkey.
  • Thursday: Frozen pizza and salad; (frozen pizza in deep freezer and needed an easy meal due to appointments during day leaving little time for meal prep)
  • Friday: Another Zatarain's meal (BOGO free) with some veggies added from freezer
  • Saturday: Potstickers in freezer and cold noodles with some added fresh veggies